Regain Your Confidence in Sandy Springs, GA and surrounding areas

Arrange for a FUT hair transplant at our clinic

Hair loss can cause your confidence to suffer. Let the trained technicians at Medical Associates Hair Transplant Clinic help you regain your confidence. We offer follicular unit transplantation services in Sandy Springs, GA. We'll take around 8 to 9 inches of hair from you and dissect it up. We'll use these dissected strands of hair to create a natural-looking blend along your hairline or over your bald spot. You won't have to worry about maintenance since we're just relocating your existing hair.

We understand that every client is different. That's why we'll evaluate your hair and head shape before we get started so that you're left with a natural-looking head of hair.

Learn more about our FUT hair transplants by calling 404-993-4548. We offer free consultations to discuss your needs with you.